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EURADOS Annual Meeting 2019. 11th – 14th February 2019. Łódź, Poland.


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Dear Colleagues,
It is my pleasure to invite all colleagues interested in the dosimetry of ionising radiation to the EURADOS Annual Meeting 2019 (AM2019), place from 11th to 14th February 2019 at LUT Sports and Education Centre “Sports Bay” of Łódź University of Technology. As in previous years, the Annual Meeting will include official EURADOS events (General Assembly,
Council Meeting) and meetings of all EURADOS Working Groups. To support the EURADOS commitment to education and training, the 12th EURADOS Winter School „Radon: dosimetry, metrology and regulation“ will also be an essential part of AM2019. The programme will be completed by the participants meetings of the Intercomparisons IC2017n and IC2018ph, and by a meeting of the Learning Network. Finally, the conference dinner will provide further opportunities for discussion, exchange of opinions, and networking.
We hope having assembled an attractive programme which tightens existing and supports new contacts, stimulates lively discussions, and fosters the development of innovative scientific ideas.

I am looking forward to welcome you in Łódź!
Werner Rühm
Chairperson EURADOS




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