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AARST 2019 International Radon Symposium . 8th – 11th September 2019. Denver, Colorado, USA

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The 2019 International Radon SymposiumTM welcomes applications from members of the scientific and medical communities, radon analytic, measurement and mitigation professionals, educators, housing and financial industry leaders, policymakers and public policy advocates, consumers, and others. The Symposium will occur September 9-11 at the Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Presentations regarding but not limited to new original research, empirical or applied, on radon risk, radon measurement, radon mitigation, radon-resistant new construction, analytics, risk communication, and similar topics are especially encouraged, including abstracts from related scientific, engineering and health-related disciplines. The Symposium also welcomes presentations on effective methods of conveying essential radon messages to target audiences, reducing risk for low-income families, marketing and expanding radon professional services, enacting and implementing new public policy, demonstrations of radon technology, and similar activities to further the radon profession and transfer of information.



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